Brand Identity - Logo Design

Designing your new logo should be simple, fun, and rewarding! That is why our comprehensive Brand Identity - Logo Design Packages are made for you!

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Logo Concepts -  This package includes one concept for you logo after project onboarding and consultation have been conducted

Evaluation - Each Package includes an evaluation of current logos, or assets you may be using as a logo to determine the best results for your brand.

Color Palette - Keeping a clean and sleek look is simple if you have your HEX in a row. We will ask for 5 colors to use, if you do not have a color scheme yet, don't worry; we can help! Color research and market trends help us create visions for our projects giving new life to what once was plain!

Patterns/Textures - Using a pattern for your website is a simple way to turn a white screen into something with character. We have a select set of textures and patterns we suggest using to help amplify the look of your logo on certain platforms.

Brand Summary - Creating a brand summary is important, especially if multiple people are going to be working with your logo or content. The brand summary helps set the tone for the target audience and lays out design method to ensure your logo always remains prevalent keeping your brand in sight!

Brand Guidelines - Brand Guidelines act as a plan for future designers who may encounter your logo! Creating a logo involves text, imagery, and a careful eye. Without making the process any more complicated, setting brand guidelines ensures maximum visibility by using the text, color pallet, and style options that optimize your logo the most!

We Include Ready To Print/Display Files For:

  • Letterhead
  • Envelopes
  • Business Cards
  • And Web Iconography

Black And White Logos (If Applicable)

Color Logos (If Applicable)

We will export in 5 formats:

  • JPG
  • PNG
  • PSD
  • PDF
  • EPS

If you do not see a file format needed just ask we are willing to help!

Did we mention?

We use licensed artwork for all projects at no additional cost! This helps us stream line brainstorming, and offers more room for variations if we are able to use content to convey the message!

Logo design can also be purchased as bundles in up to 5 Logos Designed! What this means if maybe you have a new product line with 5 variations and you want each variation to have a different logo we would combine all Brand Summary and Brand Guidelines into one document, persistent to each logo design, all in one place for simplicity!


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